I first felt the desire to be in ministry when I was 14, at the Bill Rice Ranch. I don’t remember the preacher, but I remember the clear message. I remember being confronted with the idea that if I felt God was leading me into full-time Christian ministry that I had to do it. I had spent the whole year leading up to that week thinking about what it would be like to pastor a church and that message pushed me to understand that maybe that is what I should do.

Fast-forward until 2011, I started involving myself in a local church in Pennsylvania. In that process, I became what they called a youth leader (what I would call a youth pastor). I preached weekly, counseled youth, and even counseled their parents. It was in that experience that ultimately solidified my calling into ministry for me. Not only did my desire for pastoring grow, but it was confirmed to me by many wiser, older pastors that I was gifted in teaching.



To lead God's people to a deeper worship of and relationship with God by faithfully preaching the Word of God consistently and with boldness. To meet the needs of the community I minister in physically, emotionally, and spiritually in an effort to grow the whole person, the whole family, and the whole church.

Above all, to do everything for the glory of God alone, by the grace of God.


I desire to be completely Bible-based.

Because Scripture is the inspired Word of God, I believe that everything we do needs to be governed by the Bible. I emphasize strong, exegetical preaching and teaching of the Word of God and I encourage the personal reading and studying of Scripture at home. Everything I teach and preach is directly from Scripture to the best of my ability.


I desire to equip leaders to be Discipleship-focused.

Jesus wants people to follow Him. The idea implies an active seeking of Him, a desire to reach others, and a heart for others to grow in Christlikeness. Everything I do should be to help people become more like Jesus Christ.


I desire to lead people to Worship Authentically.

True worship of Jesus Christ involves knowing Him, honoring Him, and obeying Him. Everything we do during our services ought to be designed to encourage knowing Him through preaching and teaching, honoring Him through singing and praying, and obeying Him through our lives.


I desire to encourage growth and nurture obedient Service.

God does not intend for His people to only serve Him on Sunday. We best show our love for Him by serving Him throughout the week at work, at home, and at school. He is best served by our willingness to glorify Him by loving Him and loving our neighbors.



Griggs Memorial Baptist Church | Greenville, South Carolina

Assistant Pastor | June 2018 - March 2020

Rutherford Road Baptist Church | Greenville, South Carolina

Interim Pastor | April 2019 - June 2019

Griggs Memorial Baptist Church | Greenville, South Carolina

Ministry Associate | December 2017 - May 2018

Brisbin Baptist Church | Brisbin, Pennsylvania

Youth Leader and Deacon | 2011 - 2015


BJU Seminary | Greenville, South Carolina

MDiv, Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

Anticipated Conferral May 2024

BJU Seminary | Greenville, South Carolina

MA, Biblical Studies

Anticipated Conferral August 2021

Bob Jones University | Greenville, South Carolina

BS, Ministry and Leadership, Apologetics and Biblical Worldview



PO Box 326

Smithmill, PA 16680